Airestec Air Pollution Control Products

On the adsorption of organic pollutants have high decomposition efficiency for adsorption to eliminate indoor, car air and sustained release of formaldehyde into the air, Benzene series, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful gases and deodorant, odor elimination.

Indoor TVOC treatment spray

PH7.0 non-corrosive 120ml

AIRESTEC-Pro VOCs governance principles
Pro contact and with the construction temperature control to accelerate and catalyze the rate of volatile VOCs, so that VOCs points The child completes the energy release transfer process from the molecular group to the free radical and eventually to the final degradation. Effective product For formaldehyde, benzene and other common VOC, the effect is not affected by the carbon chain length.

What is the enzyme to accelerate volatile technology?

By atomizing the enzyme to distribute it evenly across the treatment source surface, atomized molecules are able to penetrate into the contaminants and quickly activate formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC, molds and smoke. And other harmful gases, and quickly capture the activated harmful substances, while destroying the covalent bonds of harmful molecules. Integrated removal of harmful substances reached more than 98%!

Indoor TVOC treatment spray advantage

  • Pure biological enzyme preparation, PH7.0 non-corrosive;
  • Biodegradation, no secondary pollution;
  • On organic volatile matter, dust, fungi, odor and other removal rate of 98 or more;
  • Short operating cycle, no clearance operations;
  • Lasting effect, long bacteriostatic;
  • No additional energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

Strong adsorption decomposition of cleaning agent

1000 grams (50 grams x20 package)

Due to the addition of biological enzymes, making the product adsorbed organic pollutants have super-efficient sub-
Solution, so that the product used in the clear pollution effect is very good, as users
Evaluation of word-of-mouth products, such as products for indoor, indoor air pollution control or odor,
Biological enzyme activity can be maintained for 18 months, in the strong role of catalytic enzymes, let this desorption then
Health effect better.

Strong adsorption decomposition of cleaning agent

  • Features Adsorption fast, for polar molecules, can be recycled.
  • Main ingredient Active Bio-Enzymes, Modified Activated Carbon, Sea Lime, Attapulgite.
  • Amount recommended Each 1.5 square display 1 bag, the user can increase the appropriate.
  • Application range Used to eliminate indoor and vehicle air pollution control or smell.

Airestec VOC treatment technology

Airestec Odor control agents are gas molecule degrading agents rather than masking alternatives. Product atomizer can
Quickly capture VOC and other odor molecules for package and degradation.

Airestec0307 Surface active technology odor degradation agent, breaking the tradition.
Airestec0307 play its surface active agent sensing absorption technology, play a deodorant
The role of molecules. In addition, these mixtures are capable of lowering the molecular list in liquid form
Surface tension helps to eliminate the formation of gas.

Airestec Pro is an initiative management product.
Airestec Pro's governance will be unaffected by the range of air movement. And not light
Source and other catalytic constraints, which means that you are more effective to avoid such as the night
Room and many other conditions due to the influence of the catalyst may be in a highly polluted environment.

Airestec the world's only systematic
Air conditioning and ventilation systems, cleaning and antibacterial treatment

BMED-Bio-enzyme cleaner (bio-active organic biochemical enzyme decontamination / treatment preparation), enzyme 7.0 (neutral).
Specifically designed to digest and break down biofilms (gels / adhesives), bacteria, fungi, molds and algae,
Safe and sound for all substances, guaranteed to clean and block coil.

Biological enzyme technology advantages and principles

Airestec Bio-Enzyme pH 7.0 (Neutral), 100% Naturally Degradable, Non-Corrosive to Metal Pipes, The original, rubber, plastic, etc. are not hurt, extend the service life of equipment. Safe for humans and animals, right However, the environment, ecological water quality and pipeline water quality system are harmless, natural, mild, environmentally friendly.

AIRESTEC service report

1, BMCT-heat sink protective film (bio-activated organic anti-bacterial antibacterial agent) After treatment can be guaranteed in 12 months to prevent the biofilm (gel / adhesive), bacteria, fungi and mold   Grow on the treated surface.

2, BMFT-filter enhancer (bio-active organic filter treatment preparation)        After treatment can effectively filter against the growth of a variety of harmful microorganisms, while strengthening the filter        The adsorption of various small particles, effectively improve the indoor air quality. Air conditioning filter system is        The first line of defense.

3, BMDT - hard surface treatment agent (biological activity of organic pipeline management agents)        After the treatment can effectively clean the pipes and equipment cabinets and other hard surface for a variety of harmful microorganisms        Antibacterial and odor bacteria breed protection, the effect of up to 12 months guarantee.

committed to

No one product or service available on the market solves all the problems at once.
Airestec Assyri gives you up to 12 months of follow-up monitoring and ongoing governance even after the governance service is over,
In essence, to solve the odor and harmful gases.