Advanced construction equipment

MiniRAE 3000 handheld VOC detector

Compact, a broad spectrum of VOC gas detectors, and a data logger that can work in hazardous environments. It uses real time photoionization detector (PID) with 9.8eV, 10.6eV or 11.7eV gas discharge lamps. Measured volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Response time (T90): 2 seconds
Measurement accuracy: 10-2000 ppm: ± 3% of calibration point

Interscan Digital Portable Analyzer

Compact, a broad spectrum of VOC gas detectors and data that can work in hazardous environments Collector. It uses photoionization with a 9.8eV, 10.6eV or 11.7eV gas discharge lamp. (PID) real-time detection of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Patented high-precision electrochemical sensors; short response time; continuous pump suction sampling; volume Small, light weight; easy to operate.

Related certificates:
National Technical Supervision CPA (type of imported measuring instruments approved certificate) certificate

Product Information Technical parameters:
Measuring range:0~19.99 ppm             Zero drift: ± 1.0% / 24h
Resolution:0.01ppm                               Span drift: ± 2.0% / 24h
Accuracy: ± 2% reading + 0.01ppm      Sampling methods: continuous suction, 1L / min
Response time: < 60seconds                 Volume: 178mm × 102mm × 225mm
Linearity: ± 1.0%                                    Weight: 2kg
Reproducibility: ± 0.5%

American Graco rechargeable spray gun

  • Features: 220-240 volts
  • Input Power: 60W
  • Output: 260g / min
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Weight: 3KG

Construction Process & Service Quality Assurance System, Scientific and System

From the real understanding of the complexity of the newly installed environmental VOC, through a sound tracking report to honestly inform customers and continuous service. We need to correctly understand the characteristics of volatile VOCs in fresh environment, simple single construction and blind construction without any scientific method, no matter what the product is not enough to really protect customers. Kang needs. AIRESTEC adopts the mini3000 testing equipment used by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Agency to assist in the construction and carries out 12-month follow-up monitoring and service. Before and after the construction issued by the relevant reports and monitoring of the tracking report.

Site protection

Since Airestec Pro VOC Control Agents need to be diluted in the form of very small particles of atomization For large-scale construction, so we need to be on the scene of electrical equipment and information vulnerable to water fog The damaged items are covered and protected to protect the safety of customers' property in construction

Live materials real-time VOC data detection

Usually a hardcover new environment, decorative soft bags and furniture will be more or less in the production or security The process of using organic solvents, different materials of the decorative materials due to different processes, the amount of volatile and governance Product penetration are different. Therefore, we need to classify the site material registration and focus Find out where the source of pollution.

Detection and recording:
1, in the material position, the use of MiniRAE3000 portable handheld detector, detection TVOC Instant readings;
2, take pictures of material picture records.

Site environment simulation

Through the use of the scene of the different environmental conditions (such as the normal operation of the ventilation system indoor environment, the ventilation system off the indoor environment, Confined meeting environment and other environments) simulation of TVOC volatile record of the entire process.

According to test results to develop governance programs

As the difference between the built-in materials, according to the test results need to develop a reasonable environment for each
Ratio and program, in order to effectively solve the problem of volatile VOCs in the newly installed environment.

Conduct a wide range of initial management of space

On the details of the in-depth governance

Post-management data analysis and site restoration

After the completion of treatment, after the treatment of VOC and benzene, aldehydes, the detection of the precipitate in order to understand the effect of governance, and facilitate the adjustment of the process of governance.

After completion: issue a detailed project completion report

After the management service is completed, we will provide the most professional completion report to our customers with various kinds of information such as comparison data of mobile phones during the fastest process of statistics.

Pollution Report & Completion Report