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Imported biological agents, safety and effectiveness of the national authoritative experimental agencies recognized. Through the management of interior and furniture, to achieve a comprehensive governance New VOC volatile environment (formaldehyde, etc.), while the indoor environment antibacterial and anti-mildew treatment

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About Airestec

Airestec, Australia, an environmental technology company based in its own laboratory, has been a global market leader,
2010 officially for the Chinese market to provide an effective green solution.

Airestec was founded in 1998 in Australia. Based on bioactive enzyme technology, Airestec biochemicals outperform other similar chemotherapeutic products in the market by its "excellent results", "green" and "fully natural degradation" Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and other places to get the market and consumers unanimously confirmed. The AIRESTEC service covers several of the world's largest large corporations and covers a wide range of industries including airports, trains, ships, oil and gas, cold stores, pharmacies, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, shopping centers, chain stores, universities, experiments Room and so on.

Airestec VOC treatment technology

Airestec Odyssey odor control agent is a gas molecular degradation agent, rather than cover up alternatives
Atomized molecules of the product can quickly capture odor and odor molecules such as VOCs for wrapping and degradation

New installation of environmental VOC / formaldehyde treatment

For volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and other VOCs, what directly plagues us is not how to remove the volatilized formaldehyde, but how to solve the problem of long volatilization period. Formaldehyde molecules of high molecular weight together, it is difficult to evaporate from the attachment to the space.

The role played by Assyro's PRO, however, is to break down the polymer of high molecular weight into small molecules in a free state, allowing it to evaporate rapidly and detachment from attachments.

Air conditioning and ventilation system cleaning antibacterial treatment

BMED-Bio-enzyme Cleaner (bio-active organic biochemical enzyme decontamination / treatment formulation).

Enzyme 7.0 (neutral). Specifically for digestion and decomposition of biofilms (gels / adhesives) Bacteria, fungi, molds and algae and are safe and harmless to all substances, Guaranteed to clean and block the coil.

Airestec Air Pollution Control Products On the adsorption of organic pollutants have efficient decomposition capacity for adsorption to eliminate indoors, the car empty
As well as formaldehyde, benzene series, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful gases and deodorization to eliminate the odor
  • 室内TVOC治理喷雾

    Indoor TVOC treatment spray

    PH7.0 non-corrosive 120ml
    AIRESTEC-Pro VOCs governance principles Pro contacts and cooperates with the construction temperature control to accelerate and catalyze the volatilization rate of VOCs so that the VOCs can complete the process of energy release and transfer from the molecular groups to the free radicals and finally to the final degradation.
  • 强效吸附分解净化剂
    Strong adsorption decomposition of cleaning agent
    Strong adsorption and decomposition of the purification agent added biological enzymes, the product of adsorbed organic pollutants have high decomposition efficiency, the use of the product in the removal of pollution effect is very good, as a user rating word of mouth products.
Construction Equipment Adopt the mini3000 testing equipment used by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Agency for auxiliary construction and carry out 12-month follow-up monitoring And service. Before and after the construction issued by the relevant reports and monitoring of the tracking report.

Typical Case

The effect of the product Louis Vuitton, GreenTown, CMB China
And other well-known enterprises recognized as a comprehensive strategic partner, serving its air quality

Louis Vuitton

The world's first luxury brand, after several generations of hard work, this gene is well inherited. Until now, LV is still in every detail of the brand intoxicated, and strive to perfect, and even the air quality of the terminal store, LV has become the evaluation of operators worldwide operating capacity parameters.

LV after a variety of product trials, the final choice of Airestec end-store air quality management as a global partner.

Central Party School

The Central Party School of the Communist Party of China is the highest institution of high and mid-level leading cadres and Marxist theoretical cadres trained by the rotation training party, It is an important department directly under the CPC Central Committee. Airestec was fortunate to be an exclusive indoor air quality management service provider Systematic service as a whole, and fortunate to become "Pingyun Hall" air quality housekeeper.


High-quality indoor air quality control, to bring more than just the value of assets, and more importantly, work efficiency. Through the SAIC R & D center systematic HVAC system prevention and control measures, making the office environment, air quality has been effectively improved and controlled.

Dulwich British School

Dulwich College London was founded by Edward Alleyn in 1619. London Dulwich attracts a large number of high-level foreign students Also enrolls top 15% of students in academic rankings in the UK. One out of every year students graduating from Dulwich, London, are admitted to Ivy League College in Oxford, Cambridge or North America.

21st Century Building

49 floors above ground, 236 meters in height. Adjacent to Shanghai Jinmao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center. The total construction area of 39,825 ㎡, a total of 50 layers. Built after the 21st century building It will be an unprecedented premium high-end integrated project in Shanghai, including world-class office buildings, Four Seasons hotels and serviced apartments.

Nanjing Takky Plaza

In 2012, we provided indoor air quality testing and improvement management services for various shops in Teck Plaza. So far, we are well-known for over 90 sizes in the square Branded stores completed their governance services, greatly improving indoor air quality and gaining the unanimous approval of all stores, customers and square managers. And with a number of internationally renowned brands reached a long-term strategic cooperation.

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